Return on Impact Audiobook

Return on Impact Audiobook

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Return on Impact: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships Audiobook

A definitive guide to building and nurturing digital organizational relationships - read by the Author

Access to information is instantaneous. Social tools put professional networks within arm's reach. With that context, what are the leadership strategies that will allow your organization to create and support differentiating value and to nurture ongoing relationships with your members? To find out, the ASAE Foundation teamed up with business-relationship expert David Nour, author of the bestselling Relationship Economics.

In Return on Impact, Nour charts the implications of a socially enabled world and the reinvention--in structure and governance, talent acquisition, listening practices, and business and revenue models--that leaders of organizations must undertake to fuel growth in the next decade. The context of this audiobook is today's social-media-savvy environment, but Return on Impact is not another tactical book on social media or an orientation to particular networking tools. It is a strategic resource designed to show you what will set competitors apart.

Ensure that your organization still matters today, tomorrow, and beyond. Listening to this audiobook is the first important step in helping your organization own its future.