Relationship Economics Training Bundle

Relationship Economics Training Bundle

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Training Bundle Overview

Your business relationships are your single biggest underpowered, underutilized, and underleveraged asset. Underpowered because you know more people than you think you do; we're just all really bad at keeping up with them, nurturing them, and sustaining them over a long period of time. Underutilized because when most people face a challenge or an opportunity, they often think what should I do or how should I do it; seldom do they ask the who questions. And underleveraged, because asking the who questions alone won't suffice. You also have to start thinking about how do I connect the dots between the relationships I have and the ones I need to accelerate getting things done.

Think about it: throw enough time, effort and money at almost any goal and you'll eventually get there. One of the most powerful attributes of business relationships is that it can accelerate our ability to get there. Think of business relationships as rocket boosters attached to your shuttle to get you into space.

BTW, relationships don't make sense by themselves; it's not a standalone concept. They're an enabler of something. So, if your relationships aren't paying dividends for you, you need to rethink your purpose, goals, and plan for building and nurturing those relationships. That's what this training program is all about.

This is also the bundle you need if you're attending an upcoming Relationship Economics training course with our team. 

Training Bundle Includes:

  1. Autographed Relationship Economics Book
  2. 40 Page Relationship Economics Workbook
  3. Relationship Currency Booklet + DVD
  4. Digital access to online videos of the key ideas in the Relationship Economics book
  5. Access to The Nour Group Online Community to Discuss What You Read and What It Means To Your Business.