Relationship Economics Autographed Book + Audiobook Bundle
Relationship Economics Autographed Book + Audiobook Bundle

Relationship Economics Autographed Book + Audiobook Bundle

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Autographed Book + Audiobook Overview

Do you have contacts or business relationships? How impactful if not consistent are your efforts to turn everyday business contacts into real relationships? How effectively do you plan, identify, nurture, request, sustain, and ultimately capitalize on all the business relationships you build? Are you able to bridge business relationship creation to capitalization? Said another way: you have a lot of coffee and lunch meetings - so what? How many return your calls and emails within 24 hours? How many are calling you to ask "how are you doing," or are referring you to their relationships?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my most acclaimed work. Originally written in 2008 and since revised in 2012, most say that I've created a framework and given names and structure to what many intuitively understand, yet few really get its significance: the fundamental fact that your business relationships are your biggest asset! Regardless of your role or realm of responsibilities, your educational foundation and professional pedigree will only get you so far. The business relationships you choose to invest in, nurture and sustain over time is what sets you apart from getting into that new account, getting that new job, the next promotion, partner relationship, investor, media attention, or almost any other outcome where you need others to help you get there.

I speak 50-60 times a year on this topic to 35,000-50,000 people globally. Buy, read, and learn from what I share with them to dramatically improve their conditions. 

Autographed Book + Audiobook Bundle Includes:

  1. Autographed Relationship Economics Book
  2. 8 CDs of the Relationship Economics Audiobook - Read by the Author
  3. Access to The Nour Group Online Community to Discuss What You Read and What It Means To Your Business.
  4. Access to the full Relationship Economics Assessment of your skills, knowledge, and behaviors to Identify, Build, Nurture, Sustain, and Capitalize on your strategic relationships (when completed in Q4).