Limited Edition Autographed Nour Books + Audiobooks Bundle

Limited Edition Autographed Nour Books + Audiobooks Bundle

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Autographed Books + Audiobooks Bundle Overview

As a student of business relationships over the past two decades, I've committed my life's work to help business professionals focus on how to become more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in the business relationships they choose to invest in. In my first book, Relationship Economics I map out a systematic, disciplined process for linking your contacts to your desired goals/outcomes. In Return on Impact, I share insights on digital relationships and technologies to accelerate getting traction in your efforts, and most recently, in what many have said is my best work yet, Co-Create, I share practical, pragmatic and insightful ideas on how to leverage innovative and strategic collaboration to evolve as an individual, a team, and an organization. In this bundle, I'm including autographed copies of all three books as well as the audiobooks (Co-Create Audiobook not pictured), in case you or a colleague prefers to listen instead. All audiobooks are read by me. Read/Listen to them, learn from them, grow and profit through them. There are real opportunities in this bundle for you to think and lead differently. Makes a great gift set as well - just let me know who to sign them to as you checkout. 

Autographed Books + Audiobooks Bundle Includes:

  1. Relationship Economics Book and Audiobook
  2. Return on Impact Book and Audiobook
  3. Co-Create Book and Audiobook
  4. Access to The Nour Group Online Community to Discuss What You Read and What It Means To Your Business.
  5. Access to the Full Co-Create Assessment of Your Change, Creativity, and Collaboration awareness, engagement and impact (when completed in Q4).