Co-Create: Healthcare Innovation

Co-Create: Healthcare Innovation

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Innovation Insights from Leading Healthcare Centers with Tom Fee

With the intense pressure for hospitals to think outside the box and break out of their big box facilities, health systems need innovation to develop the new care delivery, clinical, technology, business partnership, reimbursement and people breakthroughs that will transform healthcare.

Over the last five years, hundreds of hospitals and health systems have embraced the need to innovate new methods, devices and approaches to create innovative healthcare outcomes and address changing incentive and reimbursement models. Some leading healthcare innovation centers manage to launch fifteen or more innovation projects a year, usually taking only six to nine months to develop working solutions.

Join senior leadership advisor and best-selling author David Nour, and Tom Fee, founder and the Managing Partner of Verity Partners, who has worked for over 100 clients in hospitals, health plans, medical suppliers, distributors and government organizations in leading their strategy, technology, performance improvement and implementation initiatives. This session provides you with an understanding of innovative methods, innovation best practices and a roadmap for jump-starting your innovation capabilities.