Co-Create Training Bundle
Co-Create Training Bundle

Co-Create Training Bundle

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Training Bundle Overview

Your future won't be created; it'll be co-created through a few, strategic relationships. I believe none of us have all the answers and we can not succeed in the future going at it alone. That's why I wrote this book on the evolution of you as an individual, your team, and your organization. That's the only way you're going to remain relevant. Read the book, watch the videos, do the workbook exercises, and complete the Co-Create Canvas to fully immerse yourself in the journey of from now to next. 

This is also the bundle you need if you're attending an upcoming Co-Create training course with our team. 

Training Bundle Includes:

  1. Autographed Co-Create Book
  2. 40 Page Co-Create Workbook
  3. Co-Create Large Format Canvas
  4. Digital Access to Eight Videos on Each of the Chapters in the Book
  5. Access to The Nour Group Online Community to Discuss What You Read and What It Means To Your Business.